On the canvas of your life
        Paint whatever you want
Beautiful or not is upon you
       Don’t believe any pre-written destiny
If the painting is not yet what you want
       It’s just what you have made by now
Try to paint it again,
       Don’t believe it would be the same
You are born free, you are born to be happy
      Don’t believe any chain 

Hadis Malekie Painting Digital Art

Hi! Welcome! My name is Hadis Malekie. Welcome!. So happy to have you here. 
Imagination” and “curiosity” are two wonderful gifts we have inside since childhood. Creating makes us float in the wonders of the world and have a journey insideMy mission is to help you keep your energy high using those gift, to be successful in your work, studies and life.

Here I have two gifts for you, download them below. 

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Hadis Malekie -Wafflensie Classes

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Wafflensie -Gifts- Hadis Malekie

Why photographers choose only one type? For example, maternity, industrial or macro?
This is a question I answer that in this gift. I tell you what are different type of photography and explain how focusing on one type (niche) can bring you faster progress and success. Receive it in  A PDF file + Audio file of that. 

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A director has an important decision to make. And that is choosing techniques of animation for producing a film.
Also, knowing and learning about different animation techniques is interesting and give a good insight for production or analysis.
Here is my gift written for you: A PDF file + Audio file of that. 

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