My mission

Imagination” and “curiosity” are two wonderful gifts we have inside since childhood. Creating makes us float in the wonders of the world and have a journey inside.

My mission is to help you keep your energy balanced and high to be successful in your work, studies and life.

We all have moments that might make us feel blue, or distract us from our goals. We all might experience situations that are out of our control, but we should not go in a dark tunnel and hide. Not only that, but we should be full of energy on the radar
I am here to help you keep your energy up by creating and imagination…


I am hadis

Fun Facts:

My name is Hadis Malekie /Ha dees   Ma le kee/ .

My fave genre of movies:
Mystery :Sherlock, Enola, Mr Poirot
Fantasy: Hugo

My source of energy:
Walking in the park, meanwhile, listening to workout music
Watching documentaries about foods, maths, art history, …

My interest topic of reading:
Mind and behaviour

My background: 
Marketing and business (taking online courses)
Photography (self thought)
Animation Direction (MFA)
Computer Engineering (B.Sc.)

My fave things to eat:
Boiled Egg

My favourite patterns:
Patterns on Persian rugs and tiles. 

Hadis Malekie Childhood

This is me when I was a child (I was worn in 1984). In my childhood I liked children story and poem books and also TV children programs that were fantasy or about doing scientific experiments.

In 2001 as everything was evolving, I decided to study computer engineering because it was full of potential for innovation and creativity. Floppy disks were going away and CDs were coming, flash memories were born, mobile phone was getting accessible for most people, dial-up internet was being replaced by ADSL.

My favourite courses were algorithm design, graph theory and MIS. Floating in the ocean of problem-solving was so fascinating for me. As a hobby, I started learning 3D max and Flash animation by myself. And I started teaching extraordinary classes at schools: 3Ds Max, Dreamweaver, Algorithm, Visual Basic, Music notation, Pascal, Python, Scratch, Small Basic, Flash, … And I became coach of teams participating in programming contests.

I wanted to explain things visually and with fun, I wanted to be creative and make my own productions, I wrote a children book about musical instrument in Persian and made a multimedia CD for that, a publisher published it. I made an animation with some characters representing musical notes.

So I thought about studying animation, but I found out I should pass an art entrance exam, so I started studying art history, art philosophy, photography, and I practised drawing and creativity. I passed the exam and got the chance to study animation, which opened windows about cinema, storytelling and how to communicate visually for me.


Then I got my first commission. I decided to do it in stop-motion. I did not have a camera, so I worked for 3 months and then bought a camera to make that ad. Having a DSLR camera was an important change for me, the more I started learning about camera, manual mode, types of photography, digital edit, the more I found out I like this medium. A friend for curiosity: macrophotography, a friend to enjoy time and be creative: nature photography, a friend for using imagination: composite photography.

Then I received an invitation to teach online with free awesome coaching support and I published my first class on SkillShare and that was the beginning of a new journey for me…

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Short CV

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Short Films

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Member of TeachCorps Group on Skillshare
Member of National Animation Guild
Member of National Photography Association
Member of Visual Arts Association


2020 – Present Self Study on Psychology, Personal Development, Business, Marketing & Selling
2014 – 2019     Self Study & Self Practice on Photography
2010 – 2013     M.Sc. Animation Directing, Faculty of Cinema & Theatre, Tehran Art University
2004 – 2011     Practising and Learning Music, Traditional Iranian Music & Playing Setar (An Iranian Plucked Musical Instrument, not Sitar)
2002 – 2007     B.Sc. Computer Engineering, Software Major, Faculty of Computer Engineering


2020- Present Online Course Creator

2010 – –             Freelancer, Photographer, Animation Filmmaker
2004- –              Teacher, Coach, Referee (Computer extraordinary classes, computer programming contests, annual student project exhibition) 
                           [classes: 3Ds Max, Dream Weaver Web design, Algorithms, Musical Notation, Logic Circuits, Pascal, Small Basic, Visual Basic,
                            Python, ICDL, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop]

2012                Author of book “Being Friend with Iranian Musical Instrument” (Persian)  
                         Winner of 3rd place prize in Educational Books from National Music House. 



*Photo published in Chiiz Magazine, Vol 21, 2018,
*Group Photography Exhibition Tour in England, Patterns, by Thephotographicangle, 2017 -2018
* Group Photography Exhibition in Portugal, Montana, 2018
* Exhibition: Searching Quality within City: Second Photography Competition; Photograph published in book: Searching Quality within City: Second Photography Competition, 2017
* Won the Pitchwork Photography Contest of PhotographicAngle



*Awarded in 1st Pasargad Film Festival as one of the 10 top films…
*Officially selected in several film an animation festivals such as: Carton, CMS ICFF, Short story,
Carton, Athens, Tehran Biennale, etc


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Accepted for the Longlist

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