My Museum of Vintage Collection

Reading encyclopedia books, going to museums, watching documentaries about history of science and art, and movies and book with historical fantasy theme were always of my favourites since childhood. 

Just for passion, I started to collect … and now that we are in digital era, I decided to take photos of them and share them with you. 

My Coin Collection

I took the photos with a magical mood, when I showed them to my friends, they said it reminded them of the movie “Hugo” 🙂 
In my collection you can see different coins from Iran, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, China, UAE and Ghana. 
Old Coins in Hadis Museums collectibles NFT art from Rarible

My Old Ticket Bus Collection

I was a high school student in 2000s. Back then, we needed to buy paper tickets to use buses for transportation inside the city. For years the ticket was the same, but then for some reasons they started changing the design every month or every season. I liked the idea and started to collect them.