Introducing Small Basic Language

I was listening to a podcast she said, “when I am on a trip for attending a workshop, I open my laptop in the airport, code and do my projects”

Let’s imagine, you are on a trip, you park along the road, to have a rest, enjoy the nature and prepare tea and drink tea. While water is heating to start boiling, you want to have some fun, some mind game, some mind sport, something that you do, and then the result makes your mind happy and fresh.

So I suggest you , you can easily connect to that and start programming a fun chat with Pinocchio.

It is easy-peasy, in old ages people should go to a room, and reserve time for working with a huge computer they should punch their programme. But now life is easy, with only a laptop, no, no with only a mobile or table, just as the water is starting to boil you can learn programming, have fun and bring pleasure to your brain, and this pleasure helps you in your other activities during the day.

If near the road, you wanted help. Just open my class, I am there to help you enjoy your trip more.

Have a pleasurable mind competition


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