Hi Hadis here,

In this post I have brought 6 techniques in stop motion for painters.

Creating a video as you paint or illustrate can help you a lot to tell the story of your creation to the world.

Adding some creativity to that like stop motion can make it more appealing and get it more much views.


As I am writing this post the view of this video is around 27 million views, I personally have watched it more than 10 times.

To make your painting process video , here I have prepared some suggestions: you can use

1- papercuts : Replacing papercut over canvas

2- Spreading Ink: gradually adding more ink

3-Rolling paper: Replacing Rolled papers and finally with flat paper

4-Additive Texture: Gradually adding small pieces to your surface, this is also perfect for mixed media painting

5-Scrolling hand / brush : scrolling hand over surface and gradually paint underneath

6-Out of canvas B-rolls: I mean making stop motion out of your tools, your studio, ink , etc. so you can add these in-between your videos.


Then it comes to mixing videos all into one.
I will give you more information in future posts explaining software or application you need, and tips to take care.
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If you are interested in painting, stopmotion, or other forms of art let me know in the comments, I would like to read.

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