Once I took a taxi and the driver was so creative, it seemed he really loved his work. He had decorated the dashboard with toys, the walls with artificial flowers.
He wrote “Hello Welcome” on the back of seats and there was cold water available.

No matter what job you have, there are always people who love their career. These people make their customer, client etc enjoy the service or product

When you create an art (painting, illustration, design, sculpture, photo, …) either as a hobbyist or a professional artist, you might want to tell about how you made that.

You have mobile phone, that is the miracle of this age. Use it, record videos and edit videos in apps like InShot or Kinemaster or CapCut.
If you want to have fun or more flavour in your videos, then install “Stop Motion Studio”. That is also a great app to start learning animation and stop-motion. Easy to work you can give your mobile to children and teach them to make a simple stop-motion with their toys.

I am sure you can do a lot and make so many creative videos with that.
If you needed to speed up this process, or you are interested to know tips about marketing and sharing your videos as an artist or as a video creator business owner, then my class would certainly help you take this path with less effort and much more joy. (Join here)

Put time to add transitions to your videos joint and make them nice.
If you made any videos, please share on YouTube or Vimeo or IG etc. and send me to watch it, I would love to see them.

If you are a manager, try to put these fun teamwork projects in your human resources plan to make them have joy, excitement, practising teamwork and pleasure in job.

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Hadis Malekie class on art process video with stopmotion -Wafflensie
3 in 1: Your Art Process Video

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