Hi smarties,

When sharing an story on Instagram, we can add an animated GIF over it. Yes you know, but what is we use our own are, for example you make animated stickers and share that on your page, or if you have an online shop or work image share an animated Mascot of your brand.
I am here to tell you how:

First you need to prepare your GIF file. ready ? No ? why?

  • If there is a lack of idea of how what to make a GIF about, I have given lots of ideas to my students in 2nd lesson of my class: Morphing in Animation
  • If you don’t know how to make a GIF simply using your mobile phone camera, I have explained that in lesson 9 of my class: Painting Process Stop motion

Now your GIF is ready? ok

Go to this website: giphy.com

Then you need to sign up and create an account

Then using upload or create start sharing your GIF to the world. Don’t forget to add hashtags (I mean this sign # followed by a word, this would make your art searchable if someone type each of those words) like #hadismalekie #nature #morph

If you have GIFs that have transparent areas you can use them as “Stickers”

You can even categorize your GIFs into collections:

Then when someone go to Instagram and want to share a story, by tapping on GIF and searching can find your GIF.

Hadis, but I did all and my GIF is not found on search !

oh yes, to make it searchable there is another step, you should apply in Giphy to upgrade your profiles either as a brand or a creator. So first upload good GIFs and then apply for it using the following steps:

  • upload good GIFs to your profile make your profile ready for application
  • Go to this address and apply to upgrade your profile https://giphy.com/apply

Hope to see your GIFs everywhere ! and don’t forget to follow me everywhere. 😉

Just right now hit Follow and subcription buttons, because next time I will tell you how to use your own GIFs in Telegram as you chat. ( and here is my channel, and our group on Telegram)

have an animated life


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