Morphing is about changing a shape, a character and form into another.

This change is not sudden, but we see the process.

Make a morph is a good idea for making a short animation

If you want to make a morph but have no idea, pick one:

  • -two random word from dictionary
  • -Making a morph motion for logo of a friend’s business
  • -Considering a psychological disorder
  • -Morphing a shape into its letters.

You can make a morph in many techniques

I suggest you to start with stop-motion or 2D-Drawing. Before starting make a thumbnail sheet, that helps a lot, even if you want to make a spontaneous art.

Start your morphing project and share it with me , if you need help you can use my tips and tricks in your project morph by taking this class.

And if you want to have yourself in the frame and morph yourself, then that is a technique called “Pixelation”. Amazon Kindle has used these techniques in some advertisement.

Can’t wait to see your morphing ideas and projects


Hadis Malekie class on Morphing in Animation -Wafflensie
Magic of Morph in Animation

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