When we were child we dreamed of those colour pencil boxes with more colours, yes?

I always had 12 colours. Once I got a 6 colours box with mini pencils and that was cute. But getting a 24 coloured pencil box was a dream. And 36 colours seemed so much professional.

But here is a secret I have for you :

Are you a designer? A graphic designer, or you design your room or home decor, or you make UI/UX …

Are you a visual storyteller? Like you illustrate, paint, make animation, …

Are you planning about buying cloth and outfit?

Well stick to fewer colours, it is so much easier to control, and it looks professional. Yes it looks professional as it seems it is coherent and under control.

When I say use less colour, I don’t mean just some specific colours. No I mean all the shades, tones and shadows of a colour, for example if you choose green and purple you can use all types of green and purple.

Hadis Malekie class on colors in visual storytelling -Wafflensie
Colors: The Silent Storytellers

And here is the second secret:

Start by 3 colours chosen from a split complementary palette. By split complementary palette, I mean use a colour wheel. Then choose two colours on the opposite side, and then substitute one by its two adjacent ones.

If you are new about colour wheel or split complementary palette. But you want to have fun while learning it, I have provided enough entertainment in my class about colours and storytelling

You can make a decision and choose one of these options

Join me in the class.


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Love to see you are works with split complementary palette.

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