The Invisible Superstar of Wednesday Series

Which character is the invisible superstar in Wednesday series?

All the characters, their dialogues and actions narrate a story for us, and try to form a world in our mind. But there is an obvious invisible superstar and that is color palette.


We can watch and rewatch Wednesday series with considering colors and how they form our connection with Wednesday’s world.

Wednesday Adam is allergic to color so we see her mostly in black. But as you know colors in a frame tend to attract the attention of the audience so the design of cloth and environment is in a way that we keep Wednesday in our attention. Using monochromatic colour palette is a way they keep this attention. Monochromatic Palette is when we only use one hue of a color but in different tints, shades and tones (in Lesson 4 of Magic of colors in storytelling I have explained it thoroughly)

Another interesting point is that Wednesday is allergic to colors but we always see her in Black not in white. This breaking of rules is also a design of Wednesday. In print colors, white, black and gray are considered as neutral colors, but in RGB colors of light, dark means no light and white is composed of mixing of all main colors. (I have explained RGB colors in 3rd lesson of my class)

So it is like that Wednesday world is close to RGB color world, especially that the principal who is always in White can change her shape into others, as if like white color in light that is composed of many colors.


Her roommate is the colorful girl who has problem and worries about not being able to become an elf, and she uses colors may be to show this willingness or even to express her socialism and tendency to be on social media.


Have you watched Wednesday by far? Watch it and tell me what other interesting facts you have discovered.

Best colourful and non-colorful wishes,


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