List of ideas for morph animation

Hadis Malekie class on Morphing in Animation -Wafflensie

Morphing is about changing a shape, a character and form into another. This change is not sudden, but we see the process. Make a morph is a good idea for making a short animation If you want to make a morph but have no idea, pick one: -two random word from dictionary -Making a morph […]

Apps for making an Art Stop motion Video

Hadis Malekie class on art process video with stopmotion -Wafflensie

Once I took a taxi and the driver was so creative, it seemed he really loved his work. He had decorated the dashboard with toys, the walls with artificial flowers.He wrote “Hello Welcome” on the back of seats and there was cold water available. No matter what job you have, there are always people who […]