How to have your own GIFs on Instagram story

Hi smarties, When sharing an story on Instagram, we can add an animated GIF over it. Yes you know, but what is we use our own are, for example you make animated stickers and share that on your page, or if you have an online shop or work image share an animated Mascot of your […]

6 stop-motion techniques for a coOl painting animation video

Hadis Malekie class on art process video with stopmotion -Wafflensie

Hi Hadis here, In this post I have brought 6 techniques in stop motion for painters. Creating a video as you paint or illustrate can help you a lot to tell the story of your creation to the world. Adding some creativity to that like stop motion can make it more appealing and get it more much […]

Professional Secret of coloring

Hadis Malekie class on colors in visual storytelling -Wafflensie

When we were child we dreamed of those colour pencil boxes with more colours, yes? I always had 12 colours. Once I got a 6 colours box with mini pencils and that was cute. But getting a 24 coloured pencil box was a dream. And 36 colours seemed so much professional. But here is a […]

Your GIFs in peoples chat!

Gift in chat by tenor

Hi my creative friends, I think it was 2004, when I started teaching computer, my colleague who was a teacher there was older than me, as we talked and meet knew each other more, she told me that she is now designing scarf, “I make patterns with Corel Draw, then I sell them to a […]

Train your Brain with this Online Color Matching Game

color train your brain

My class on color explain more about palettes Hi, I write this in a school break time (summer in north hemisphere and winter in south hemisphere) So you might have missed a game, but if you read this not in a break, always a good game is welcomed! The game would be on a color wheel  but […]